Inside the eBay Economy

Ever dreamed about building your own business?

Or turning your online business into a global brand? Probably. So if you’d like to find out how your dream can turn into reality, step inside the eBay Economy.

There are now more eBay millionaires in Europe than ever before - almost 2,000 - and no wonder, what with instant access to a global economy and a customer base of 169 million.

This glimpse into the eBay Economy will show you how our diverse community of small businesses – based anywhere from country villages to capital cities – have used eBay to thrive and grow, as well as sharing the secrets of their success.

eBay Economy

Each country and industry has its own incredible success stories. eBay brings these together into one global economy, giving businesses access to a market of buyers who purchased $84 billion worth of merchandise last year.

169 m

Number of active eBay buyers 2017

169 m
National populations 2015
81.7 m


81.7 m
66.5 m


66.5 m
65.1 m

United Kingdom

65.1 m
60.7 m


60.7 m
46.4 m


46.4 m
eBay Q1 worldwide data / World Bank

New Seller Snapshot 2016

From new business registrations on eBay last year, we can see that each country tells a different story about shopper priorities and small business successes across Europe - from tables to tablets, below are the 2016 top categories for new business sellers.

Top Sellers in 2016

By looking at business registrations, we can keep close track of online seller success across Europe, with fashion, home & garden and electronics recently enjoying a boom in ecommerce start-ups. Find out more about variations in category trends across Europe below.

eBay Millionaires

There are almost 2,000 eBay sellers across the top five countries turning over £1m or €1m, and this number – like their profits – continues to rise. Country-specific growth over recent years can be seen below.

  • 2013
  • 2016


Thanks to eBay's online and mobile shop fronts, as well as cross-border trading support, small businesses are now exporting to 20 different countries on average.

Average: 19.6

Seller Hotspots

Thanks to the internet, business doesn’t just happen in big cities. Looking at eBay data, we have identified the top hotspots for eBay businesses, per 10,000 people in each local population.